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Who is the Social Sister?

It all started over a coffee with a friend on Rathdowne Street, in Melbourne. While enjoying the gentle buzz of the café and gazing out over Rathdowne’s ever-changing trees, my friend and I talked ideas. Ideas about direction. Ideas about meaning. Ideas about purpose. Something had been dawning inside me. An urge to connect dots. 

But what were those dots?  All around me, every day, I could perceive infinite sparks of brilliance just waiting to be joined together somehow. Those sparks were amazing eateries in my neighbourhood. Beautiful designs by local artists in my local neighbourhood. Exceptional food made by culinary artisans. And an almost endless list of people who seemed to glow with passion, creativity and talent.

How could I use my passion for marketing and sales to bring these forces together, and make them shine even more brightly? How could I be the line that connected those dots? My friend had one simple piece of advice: find a way to make those things that inspire you work together. 

That’s when it clicked

I could draw people together by directly offering my wisdom, my guidance and my practical expertise as a business woman, mother, friend and passionate member of the community – a kind of big sister figure. In acting as that ‘big sister’ – someone savvy, steadfast and supportive – I could help these inspirational people and businesses not just find each other, but a much bigger audience. 

My direction was determined. My meaning was identified. My purpose was clear.

That was the day I became The Social Sister.

And now, I welcome you to The Social Sister Project.


Someone wise who always gives good guidance


But who exactly is she?
And what kind of journey will it be?

The Social Sister Project connects ethical creatives with like-minded businesses, harnessing everything that’s best about both to strengthen their allure and broaden their reach.

In short, it’s about seeking out and promoting good

Good places. Good products. Good food. Good style. Good practices. Good people.

We’re living in a time where more people than ever before have the chance to put themselves and their businesses before a global audience. And The Social Sister Project wants to hone and enhance the way businesses and individuals of substance approach that audience.


Think this sounds like you or your business? 


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